At SOS our focus is to help our clients improve their quality of life and achieve their goals through providing custom made, intimately fitting, comfortable prostheses.  For some clients the goal is to run, surf or cycle.  For others it is to stand and transfer in safety and comfort, maintain their independence at home or to play the violin.  For all these worthy goals we are able to design and manufacture a suitable prosthesis.

We have the ability and experience to provide high-end prostheses incorporating the latest in technological components (e.g. microprocessor knees). In addition to this, however, we also value the role of more conventional methods of prosthetic design which incorporate materials such as leather. Our final design is centred around our clients safety and goals.

Our prosthetic services cover all areas of limb replacement including: Transtibial/Below Knee, Transfemoral/Above Knee, Upper Limb, Partial Foot, Digit (fingers or toes) replacement, Recreational Prostheses and Osseointegration

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